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Apollo Hansen

Designer, Filmmaker, Marketer & General Wunderkind

Hello! I’m Robert Mark Hansen (known professionally as Apollo

Hansen), and I’ve made it my business to support organizations, nonprofits, and creative ventures since 2018.

I’ve held several positions of marketing director on prior projects such as EIV’s But I Made Cake and the James Vick Foundation. In all instances, I’ve valued extensive communication with my peers and delivering material in a timely manner. This work includes marketing via social media coverage, digital design, and website design.

I recently made my mark in the west coast as part of an internship with Nicole Landers Consulting, regularly meeting with any of our eco-friendly clients, doing a complete overhaul of renown travel podcast Travel With Meaning's website, setting up merchandise and a digital storefront for a client, and setting up 5 major events across the LA area, including a red carpet film premiere.

In addition to these positions, I’ve also led my own projects, such as my current independent film, Chow!, and my personal website. All of these works have had extensive social media coverage and advertising, also done by myself. I hope to elevate every endeavor I see to be worthwhile.






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